APM Terminals Inland Services – Container Freight Station
     “Safety Advisory for CUSTOMERS”

APM Terminal Inland Services, Container Freight Station (CFS) conducts its business responsibly and in an approach that protects the health, Safety, Security and Environment of its employee, customers, visitors, business associates, the society and the environment. The safety advisory published here is for safety of our customers and their associates working with our Container Freight Station.

This applies to our customers and their associates and activities which they perform in side our premises at Main and Annex. The activities may cover trailer movement, visiting operational area for examination, stuffing-destuffing of cargo inside warehouse, at Yard, tarpaulin activity, transporting–warehousing dangerous cargo etc.

Container freight Station is one of the high risk areas in terms of safety of people as loading / unloading activity is being performed with heavy load lifting equipment like Reach Stacker, fork lift, Crane, Hydra Crane, Trailer etc. This results in to Man- Machine interface at operations areas which can lead to serious / fatal injury if safety rules are not followed.

Operations Areas are Yard, Warehouse, Examination and Destuffing zone, Maintenance and Repair area, Trailer IN / Out Gate and any other areas where cargo loading , unloading , tarpaulin activities are performed.

Safety guidelines and rules have been developed as below to ensure Safety of our Customers while working with APM Terminals Inland Service –Container Fright Station.

Before entering the operations areas:




Tarpaulin Activity:

Customer Trailer


Customer Lifting Equipment

APM Terminals Inland Services is committed to Safety of our Staff, Customers, and contractors. Let’s together put our best efforts to save life of people to ensure we all get home safely and make our business and society much safer.

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